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Preparation and Storage of Chemotherapy


Course Description

Chemotherapy is generally defined as the use of chemicals to treat disease(s). However in the context of this presentation, it is defined as a category of cancer treatment that uses one or more anticancer drugs as part of a standardized regimen.

Chemotherapy is prepared by a well-trained Pharmacist, or Pharmacy Technician/Technologist, or a nurse; upon receipt of an “Order” from a qualified Physician or Oncology Specialist. It is prepared in a dedicated area under controlled environment to ensure safety of the product, environment and the Pharmacist, Technician/Technologist or Nurse and involves complex processes.

This course will educate you on safe handling of cytotoxic medicines and the workflow involved in chemo preparation in a simplified manner. Upon completion of the course you will acquaint yourself with the best practices involved in chemotherapy preparation and become conversant with what goes into the preparation and storage of chemotherapy. It is a course that is suitable for those intending to practice Oncology Pharmacy in a hospital or clinic setting, or as a refresher course for those already involved in chemotherapy preparation. The course is also suitable for any knowledge seeking health practitioner interested in this special area of practice.

What you will learn

Upon completing this course, you are expected to be able to:
1. Define chemotherapy
2. Identify the uses or application of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancers
3. Identify various categories of cytotoxic drugs
4. Be acquainted with general principles involved in chemotherapy preparation
5. Appreciate the importance of Aseptic Techniques in preparation of chemotherapy
6. Know ‘Best Practice Procedures' in preparation of chemotherapy
7. Know as well as put together tools, devices and equipment required for preparation of chemotherapy
8. Become conversant with safe handling and storage conditions of chemotherapy agents.

Course Content

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About Facilitator

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Pharm Roger K. Ahiable


Dep. Dir. of Pharmaceutical Services (DDPS), Oncology Pharmacy Practitioner

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

Rev. Pharm Roger Ahiable is a trained Oncology Pharmacy practitioner. He is a results-focused Pharmacist with strength in Pharmaceutical Care delivery including adherence counselling, oncology pharmacy, and production pharmacy.

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