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The law; through your Council or Professional Regulatory Body, requires you to do some form of Continuing Professional Development or CPD training annually.

Are you able to complete all your desired or obligatory CPD Courses, and earn Points/Credits easily, conveniently and cost-effectively?


Do you find any of the following as a challenge to participating in CPD Courses/Training?

  1. You don’t get to participate in a CPD course that is relevant to you
  2. CPD’s not available at a convenient time for you participate in
  3. Tiresome, and frustrating travel time you’ll rather avoid
  4. Unnecessarily long CPD sessions/events
  5. Certificates not given on the spot
  6. Mediocre looking certificates given for your remarkable effort and patience
  7. Unreasonably high cost of CPD programs/events/courses
  8. Inadequate reference material made available to you to keep
  9. You live abroad or out of the geographic area of CPD events
  10. Many other related challenges...


We’ve helped thousands of professionals just like you, to effortlessly access and complete high quality and relevant CPD courses and professional training at unbelievably low cost.

Complete your CPD courses and professional training on this online learning platform and get your instant certificate, Points/Credits:

  •   At your own pace
  •   At a time convenient to you
  •   At a price completely acceptable to you
  •   On your phone, tablet, laptop or computer
  •   At home, office or anywhere you feel comfortable
  •   We’ll even automatically upload your points onto the Councils Platform for you


Ghana Pharmacy Council

Ghana Medical and Dental Council

Allied Health Professions Council Ghana

Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana

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