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Premium Courses

Extensive and In-Depth Courses, Programs, and/or Activities

Completing courses in this category elevates you beyond the ordinary, and into an exclusive league/cohort of professionals. 

Courses and training in this category are custom-made, detailed, and generally extensive. They are designed for individuals who wish to have comprehensive knowledge in a particular subject matter. They often carry much more CPD Points than regular CPD courses.

These are meant for professionals with higher goals and expectation for their professional development.
Areas that are classed as Premium Courses and Training Programs include:


  1. Any CPD topic from CATEGORY 1, 2, or 3; which has been scaled-up to create a comprehensive program with a more extensive and detailed content. In some cases, this may include practical sessions.

  2. Original Courses and Programs that are uniquely made to meet specific knowledge and skills gaps.

  3. Detailed custom-made courses and comprehensive programs to address important trending or contemporary issues including academic, clinical, administrative, etc.


All Premium Courses come with a FREE PREMIUM CERTIFICATE