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CES offers a choice of three CPD pricing models designed to meet the needs of all health professionals from any background and experience level. Each of these pricing plans offer a catalogue of on-demand courses for CPD knowledge and CPD Points/Credit. It’s easy to find a package that fits your schedule or particular requirements.


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Standard Pricing
Regular & Premium CPD Courses
Starting from GHS 50 Per course

Access to a single accredited CPD Course

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CPD Bundles
CPD Bundles & Offers
Starting from GHS 25 Per course in a package

Get multiple accredited CPD Courses as a package

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Annual CPD Subscription
One-Off Yearly Fee of GHS 300 A year

Get unlimited access to ALL Regular CPD Courses included in this package 

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You can pay securely and conveniently on this site using Mobile Money on any network, or with VISA, MASTERCARD, etc. 


Once enrolled on any of our courses, you can:

  1. Start at any time, on any day;
  2. Pause at any point, on any day;
  3. Return at any time, on any day; and
  4. Continue at any time, on any day, wherever you left off.
  • Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive catalogue of accredited CPD Courses, Programs and Events. These Council accredited educational content cover all CPD Categories, and are updated continually.

  • Our profession specific courses are developed by our team of highly experienced and accomplished practicing professionals, and educational specialists; in conjunction with experts from leading educational, health and professional practice institutes.

  • Our accredited CPD courses are NOT exclusively live webinars or live video conferences. They are mainly pre-recorded lecture videos, Presentations, e-learning material, or custom designed digital content, made available at your absolute convenience.

  • All our courses are available at your convenience. Never have your work, your family time, etc.; interfered with again!


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