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CES Student Ambassador

To qualify to be a CES Student Ambassador,

  • You must be an Intern of any of the under-listed professional groups, or
  • a Rotation Nurse/Midwife, or
  • a House Officer, or
  • a graduate healthcare personnel on National Service, or
  • you must be a healthcare student in any accredited College, Institution or University, studying any of the under-listed:






Dental Sciences

Occupational Therapy


Optical Sciences



Disease Control Sciences

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences

Pharmacy Technology

Food and Nutrition


Health Information Technology

Prosthetics and Orthotics      

Health Promotion                  


Medical Laboratory Sciences 

Radiation Therapy/Therapy Radiography

Medical Physics                     


Medicine and Medical Sciences        

Respiratory Therapy  

Mental Health

Speech Therapy                     


Ultra Sonography       

Nuclear Medical Sciences                  



Desired Qualities of a CES Student Ambassador

  • You must be passionate about CES and what we do
  • You must be actively involved in student activities and organizations
  • You must be willing to share our brand story and messages with friends and colleagues.
  • You should have good relationships with department staff, faculty and fellow students
  • You must be comfortable using Social Media
  • You should be outgoing or connected to fellow students and be able to adopt a leadership role on behalf of CES
  • You should have good communication and organizational skills
  • You should have a good academic or social presence within the school or amongst your peers 


As a CES Student Ambassador, you'll serve as a liaison between CES and your colleagues on campus or at your place of work, performing tasks including:

  • Sharing Social Media posts, and distributing promotional materials to friends, colleagues and your followers
  • Educating colleagues on the benefits of CPD and related issues
  • Highlighting CES’ Exam Review Resource as the best to prepare for the Licensure Exam
  • Highlighting CES a distinguished CPD learning platform
  • Coordinating CES activities on your campus or place of work

To help make your role and tasks as a CES Student Ambassador easy and exciting, an expert CES Account Manager will work with you and provide continual support. Our Account Managers equip every Ambassador in the program with the tools, information and training necessary to complete their responsibilities.

Benefits of being a CES Student Ambassador

One of the biggest hurdles to becoming a Health Professional is passing your Licensure or Professional Qualifying Exam organized by your professional regulatory body such as the;

  • Medical and Dental Council
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Allied Health Council
  • Pharmacy Council
  • Psychology Council

Or their equivalent in your country of residence.

You’ll work closely with CES to spread the word about CES’ Exam Review Resources and CES’ programs & activities on your campus, amongst your colleagues, and at your place of work. Quite simply, you’ll be a representative, promoter and torch-bearer of CES’.

  • You’ll be eligible to take the CES Exam Review at either no cost or at a heavily discounted rate.
  • You’ll be able to take all Continuing Professional Development Courses on the CES platform for FREE in your first year of professional practice.
  • You’ll obtain knowledge and preparation for your Licensure or Professional Qualifying Exam. We call this being “CES prepared.” You’ll have first-hand knowledge about the planning process and the exam itself long before you start your own exam process – its invaluable information.
  • You’ll gain access to an impressive network of contacts from national and international organizations, resource persons, professional associations, prospective employers and fellow students. These contacts and networks in the professional world will serve you for years to come.
  • You’ll Gain leadership skills and experience. No matter where your career might take you, your skills as a CES Student Ambassador will be a tremendous asset to you and to your employer.
  • You’ll boost your CV. Get a great addition to your CV and talking points for interviews. It’s another feather in your cap that can open doors to future opportunities.


Becoming a CES Student Ambassador is remarkable step in your transition from a dedicated student to an indispensable health professional. Don’t miss this opportunity