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Every event has a life-cycle (before, during and after the event). Whether it is a Conference, Annual General Meeting, Symposium, Seminar, Workshop, Exhibition, Press Release, Trade Show, Awards Ceremony, Product Launch, etc.; our live streaming team will meticulously plan and execute the project with remarkable outcomes.


We will meet and exceed every set target of the event life-cycle.



Before a Project

We plan meticulously in-house; and with you the client, to ensure we have every angle covered. Amongst other things;

  • We set out the key deliverables/targets for the project
  • We secure CPD/CME accreditation for the event or program
  • We brand, strategically position, and actively promote the event
  • We help you register your target audience and keep them informed

During the Event

We leave no chance for any undesired surprises or unwarranted technical challenges. Amongst other things;

  • We provide a dedicated technical team on-call during the event; should any problems arise
  • We provide a dedicated technical team specifically for the speakers and resource persons online and on-site
  • We continually and actively communicate with you and/or your representatives behind the scenes to ease any anxieties and to ensure a trouble-free event

After the Event

We ensure all deliverables are met and you the client, is absolutely satisfied with the outcome! Amongst other things;

  • We help you to critically evaluate the key variables and outcomes
  • We engage your audience and participants with post event updates
  • We provide you with a detailed report and ensure your expectations are met.


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