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Create an online course and earn money conveniently whilst you’re at it. Impart your knowledge, experience and passion on the teaming professionals waiting to hear from you.

Take a Minute and Just Visualize What You Could Achieve

Create a Following

Your particular knowledge, skill set, achievements and experience, puts you in a unique position to impart relevant knowledge. Now let your work create a community

Inspire Professionals

Help people learn new skills, update their professional knowledge, and support them to remain at the cutting edge of their profession

Earn Money

Earn money every time a participant purchases your course. Get paid monthly, quarterly or yearly, it’s entirely up to you

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Professional Groups


Professionals and Participants


Facilitators and Instructors

STEP 1 - Organize, Plan and Structure Your Course

You start with your knowledge, skills, experience and passion. Then choose a topic and plan your lectures in PowerPoint, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.


The manner in which you deliver your course is entirely up to you. A PowerPoint Presentation, lecture notes, live lecture, video recorded lecture, voice-over, etc. your audience only require the most effective form of delivery from you. Be you!


How We Help Here

CES’ team will work with you to create a delivery/format of your course just as you imagine and wish for it to be.

STEP 2 - Contact CES

Call us or send us a message. We’ll proceed to ensure that your work goes through all regulatory requirements where necessary, and publish it as such.


How We Help Here

Our support team is available to help every step of the way. We will work with you, and for you.

STEP 3 - It’s Time to Build Your Own Community

Reach out

Create case studies, exercises, and assignments to build interactivity. Write welcome messages for your students and answer their questions. Now sit back, relax, and watch your community grow.


How We Help Here

We provide all the tools for messaging, Q&As, marketing, publicity, course announcements, update material, etc.

Increase your Influence

We've changed lives by connecting instructors with participants in the country and around the world. Indeed, with the experience, skills, accomplishments and authority you have in your area of practice and specialization; there’s absolutely no reason why you should not to take the next step. Let the world have a sense of who you are and how you can help advance the knowledge and skills of professionals.