Innocentia Rafiatu Yakubu BSc (Midwifery)

Midwifery Officer, Ward in Charge

SDA Hospital

Innocentia Rafiatu Yakubu is a competent and dedicated midwifery officer who is ready to deliver first-rate results in nursing, midwifery and within the scope of the nursing profession.

She obtained great educational knowledge and experiences through her education in the field of nursing and midwifery. She has risen up the ladder of promotion from Community Health Nurse, Staff Midwife, Senior Staff Midwife and currently a Midwifery Officer, Ward in Charge of the SDA hospital in Tamale with over 5 year experience in the field.

She currently also works Tamale Central Hospital in the Antenatal Unit. She had a Community Health Nursing Certificate from Tamale Community Health Nurse’s Training School in 2008, proceeded to acquire post-basic midwifery certificate in Goaso Midwifery Training School 2013 and now holds degree in Midwifery from University for Development Studies.

Other professional certificates she holds in the field of nursing and midwifery are; Quality Nursing Care to Prevent Maternal and Infant Death, from Cairo University, Egypt. Life Saving Skills, Maternal and Infants Training, from CHAG -Tyco City-Sunyani and Infection Prevention and Control Training, SDA Hospital - Tamale

Innocentia Rafiatu has done facilitation for nurses and several groups of Midwives; on the new maternal health record book. She was also part of the CHAG MAF (Millennium Accelerated Framework) Program on maternal mortality which contributed to the success of reducing maternal death in SDA Hospital, Tamale. She was nominated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to attend (Trainer of Trainees) TOT on quality nursing care to reduce maternal and fatal death in Cairo University, Egypt. As a resource person to Marie Stopes Tamale, she has held several Health Talks on Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer and Unsafe Abortion as well as Breast Cancer Screening and Cervical Screening.


Respectful Maternity Care In Immediate Postpartum / Puerperium And Postnatal Care

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