Dr. Mohammed Al-Areedh MD, CABM, DOM

Internal Medicine Specialist, Assistant Professor

AL-Kuffa University College of Medicine, AL-Najaf Teaching Hospital, Iraq

MD, CABM, DOM, Internal medicine, assistant professor at AL-Kuffa university, college of medicine, director of endocrinology and nephrology block, director of lipid clinic at AL-Najaf teaching hospital.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Areedh is an Internal Medicine Specialist and an assistant professor at AL-Kuffa University, College of Medicine. He is the Director of endocrinology and nephrology block and the director of lipid clinic at AL-Najaf teaching hospital. Dr Al-Areedh is a Member of Iraqi Diabetes Association, a Member of the European Atherosclerosis Society, and a Member of International Atherosclerosis Society.

He has many publications in peer reviewed journals in the field of diabetes and lipidology.


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