Dr. Joshua Akurugu Abaah BSc, MB ChB, MGCP Fam-Med.

Family Physician Specialist, Acting Head of Tamale Polyclinic

Tamale Polyclinic

Dr. Abaah Joshua Akurugu is a proactive and impact-driven leader in the field of Family Medicine. His extensive qualifications, including a BSc, MBcHB, and MGCP Fam-Med, attest to his commitment to continuous learning and excellence in medical practice. With a remarkable dedication to both patient care and education, Dr. Akurugu has emerged as a respected figure within the medical community.

As a skilled trainer and educator, Dr. Akurugu has taken on the responsibility of training medical students and residents in the realm of Family Medicine. His comprehensive expertise has proven instrumental in shaping the next generation of medical professionals. Since October, 2022, he has assumed the role of lead clinician in Asthma care, where his clinical acumen has resulted in improved patient outcomes.

Furthermore, Dr. Akurugu serves as the clinical coordinator of the Polyclinic, where he showcases his leadership capabilities. His guidance and strategic oversight ensure the smooth functioning of clinical operations, ultimately benefiting both patients and staff. His role as a clinical advisor for evidence-based care for Physician Assistants of Bawku West District Hospital exemplifies his commitment to extending his expertise beyond his immediate sphere of influence.

Dr. Akurugu's commitment to enhancing his skills is underscored by his esteemed clinical attachment at the Asthma Clinic at Korle-Bu Polyclinic. This experience has enriched his clinical perspective and solidified his position as an expert in the field.

Current Positions Held:
1. Acting Head of Tamale Polyclinic: In this capacity, Dr. Akurugu leads with authority, ensuring the effective management of healthcare services while maintaining a patient-centric approach.

2. Clinical Coordinator of Residency Training in Family Medicine and Clinical Care at Tamale Polyclinic: Dr. Akurugu's dedication to education continues as he coordinates the residency training program, contributing to the growth of future Family Medicine specialists.

3. Clinical Advisor of Physician Assistants of Bawku West District Hospital: Dr. Akurugu's advisory role exemplifies his commitment to collaborative healthcare, sharing his expertise to enhance patient care beyond his immediate practice.

4. Managing Director of Happy Life Pharmacy Ltd (Wholesale/Retail): Dr. Akurugu's leadership extends to the business realm, where he manages Happy Life Pharmacy Ltd, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen.

Dr. Abaah Joshua Akurugu's professional journey is a testament to his dedication to the medical field, his commitment to education, and his leadership prowess. His multifaceted roles, from healthcare management to clinical coordination and pharmacy management, illustrate his diverse skill set and unwavering passion for improving patient well-being. Dr. Akurugu's proactive approach and impactful contributions embody the spirit of a true leader and visionary in the medical arena.


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