Diana Dwuma-Badu BSc, Cert (Health Admin. & Mgmt), Fellow (IHTC), FCert (Haem Nursing)

Nurse Specialist in Haematology

Department of Child Health Korle – Bu Teaching Hospital

Diana Dwuma-Badu is a dedicated and highly skilled State Registered Nurse with extensive experience in general nursing. She is duly registered and in good standing with the "Nurses and Midwives Council, Ghana," demonstrating her commitment to professional standards. Diana's passion for healthcare extends to her active membership in the Ghana Haemophilia Society, where she serves as the Nurse Coordinator for Haemophilia Care in Ghana.

Diana possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her certification in Good Clinical Practice and her role as a study nurse for a sickle cell clinical trial. She excels in interpersonal communication, making her an effective and empathetic caregiver. Furthermore, her proficiency in report writing and presentation enhances her ability to convey critical healthcare information.

Diana Dwuma-Badu is a motivated and results-driven professional, known for her problem-solving skills. Her work ethic is characterized by hard work, honesty, commitment, and a cooperative team player mindset. She thrives in collaborative healthcare environments, where her dedication to patient care shines.

In terms of education and training, Diana has pursued a comprehensive path to enhance her nursing expertise. She holds a Postgraduate Specialist Certificate in Haematology Nursing from the Ghana College Of Nurses And Midwives. Additionally, she has earned a Certificate in Sickle Cell Genetic Counselling from the Sickle Cell Foundation of Ghana and GENECIS-Ghana. Diana's commitment to global healthcare is evident in her fellowship as a member of the International Haemophilia Training Centre Fellowship Program (IHTC) under the World Federation Of Haemophilia, where she trained in Vellore, India. Her foundational education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the School of Nursing at the University of Ghana, Legon Accra. She has also received a Certificate in Health Administration and Management from the Ghana Institute of Management And Public Administration.

Diana's areas of competence are centered around Haematology Nursing and Paediatric Nursing. She is skilled in providing nursing care to patients with hematological conditions, demonstrating her commitment to specialized care. Diana also serves as a facilitator for Continuous Medical Development for Nurses and other Health Professionals in the care of patients with Haemophilia and sickle cell Disease. Her proficiency in computer literacy enhances her ability to stay current with healthcare advancements.

In her professional journey, Diana currently holds the position of Nurse Specialist in Haematology within the Department of Child Health at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana. Her prior roles include serving as a Haematology Contact Nurse in the same department and as a General Nurse in the Paediatric Emergency Unit at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, demonstrating her versatile nursing skills. She has also contributed to healthcare as a General Nurse at the North Kwashieman Clinic in Accra, Ghana, and as a Rotation Nurse at St. Martins Hospital in Agroyesum, Ghana.

Diana Dwuma-Badu's dedication to nursing, specialized expertise, and commitment to improving patient outcomes make her a valuable asset to the healthcare community in Ghana and beyond. Her multifaceted experiences and continuous pursuit of knowledge underscore her dedication to providing the highest quality of care to patients.


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