How do I make Payments? » Wire Transfer or Cash Deposit

Wire Transfer or Cash Deposit

Wire Transfer to Ghana or Cash Deposit in Africa

Make a wire transfer from your foreign bank, or make a deposit in person at any Ecobank branch in Africa. You will directly pay the wire transfer fees for this transaction, as determined by your financial institution.

Bank Ecobank
Location Accra, Ghana
Branch Osu, Oxford Street
Account 02000246444363801
Account Name Continuous Education Services
  • Alert CES of your payment via WhatsApp, Email, or Phone Call. Include your email and course(s) you wish to enroll on. We’ll remotely activate them on your CES account.
  • Now go to the CES website and click on the course you wish to participate in.
  • The course you’ve purchased will be located in “My Courses” in your CES account
  • You’re all set and good to go!