This is often because your Professional Registration Number was not recorded accurately during your registration process. To rectify this, log into your CES account. Then enter your Registration Number in this format:

PA 1234 or HPA 4321 (for Pharmacists)
MDC/RN/01234 (for Medical Doctors and Dentists)
MDC/PA/RN/01234 (for Physician Assistants)


The correct format of your registration number allows us to promptly and seamlessly upload any CPD Points you earn from CES, onto your account on the Councils Portal.


Registration numbers from 1 to 3179 have the initials PA; and Registration numbers from 3180 and above have the initials HPA for Pharmacists

PLEASE REMEMBER!!! Alphabets SPACE Numerals (No hyphens)

For professionals registered at the Medical and Dental Council, no spaces in the registration number, and the numerals must be five digits. Begin with zero's if need be to make it up to five digits.
If your Council has a dedicated website, portal, or place for checking your CPD Points, please sign in there to check first.

CES submits a verified and comprehensive report of each course including a list of all participants to the respective Councils and Regulatory Bodies. You are then credited at the Council with the CPD Points you’ve earned.

You are then credited with the CPD Points you’ve earned which will fulfill part of the requirements for the renewal of your professional practicing license.

You can periodically cross-check this information with your Council or Regulatory Body for peace of mind.
Fist sign into your account on the Pharmacist Portal
• You’ll immediately find “x online cpd pending confirmation”
• Tap on “Confirm”
• A window will be opened for you to input the respective certificate number
• A message will appear saying Cpd attendance successfully added
• Tap OK
• Your course and corresponding CPD points should now be showing
• Do same for any other course that is pending confirmation

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have any concerns
After logging in, go to My Courses, select the course, then scroll down. Click on Download Certificate. You can print the certificate yourself.

You can request a Premium Certificate to be professionally printed and delivered by hand to you wherever you are in Ghana. Postage cost may vary if you live outside Ghana.
Your certificate number is located at the bottom of your certificate. Alternatively, you’ll find your certificate number when you log into your account and go to Statements.

Here, you’ll find the courses you’ve taken so far, which categories you’ve taken, the number of CPD Points, and also the respective certificate numbers.
The certificate will have the title of the course completed, including CPD points where it applies. It also indicates the Facilitator(s) of the course, a QR Code that allows for independent validation of the certificate, and other relevant information.

Premium Certificate however has more upscale features including golden embossments, a matte card, finger print resistant surface, anti-glare features, unique seal, etc.
All courses come with a FREE downloadable and printable PDF certificate. However, a professionally printed certificate with several premium features including 3D embossments etc. can requested. This will be delivered to you by hand at your chosen location.
Your Premium Certificate should arrive within 5 working days of purchase if you’re within Ghana. If this period has elapsed, please contact us for a prompt resolution.
Yes. All our courses are accredited by the relevant Regulatory Authorities or Councils; to allow participants to be able to earn CPD Points upon completion.
You can find it by first signing into your account. Select MY ACCOUNT, and then select MY COURSES. Here, you’ll find a list of all the courses you’ve purchased or you’ve registered for
Once a course has come to the end of its period of validity, it can no longer be accessed. However, the certificate for the course can be downloaded or ordered. The course is archived and my be published again at a later date in the future after it has been updated.
First register for FREE as a member on this website. Log into your account, then select CPD BY PROFESSION. Here, you’ll find all the courses available for your profession.

Select the course you’re interested in. Then enroll.
First log into your account, and go to MY ACCOUNT, then MY COURSES:
• select the course you wish to purchase or enrol on
• click on Take a Pre-Test to take the MCQ assessment
Whatever you score from here does not form part of your final assessment score for your Post Test.
You can take a Post-Test at any time that you feel confident enough to do so. After logging into your account, go to MY ACCOUNT, then MY COURSES:
• Select the course
• Click on Post-Test (Main Quiz)
• Then click on START QUIZ to take the MCQ assessment
• You’ll have 3 attempts to pass at 70% pass mark
You can answer the questions up to three attempts. After which you’ll have to re-register for the course. However, please note that after the validity period of the said course is up, , you will no longer be able to access the questions.
Most courses are valid until midnight of the 31st of December of the calendar year. However, if a course is valid for a shorter duration, it will be clearly indicated on the said course page.
You should get a confirmation link with 5 minutes of registration. This may take longer in rare circumstances. If after 1 hour you’ve not received same, please contact us for prompt resolution. To hasten the resolution process, you can send us your:
• First Name and Middle name
• Surname
• Phone number
• Place of work
• Email address
• Pin Number or Professional Registration Number

We will use this information to remotely set up an account for you; and inform you of your login details through the same means by which you communicated with us.
Confirmation links sent to you are valid for 24 hours. After this period, you’ll need to re-register or contact us for prompt resolution.
Whilst Logged into your account, select the course. Then click on the Discussion / Q&A Interactive Forum. Here;
1. You can ask your question to the Facilitator who will respond in due time
2. You can participate in, or contribute to any ongoing discussion
3. You will meet like-minded participants
4. You may be of assistance to someone else on the same course
CES Facilitators and Resource Persons typically respond to participants’ questions within 24 hours. However, some Facilitators may take longer to respond due to other engagements. If however you feel a response is delaying, please contact us to hasten the response time.
Yes, simply visit the relevant page on our website and re-purchase the course or package.
Whilst logged into your account;
Scroll to the course and click VIEW COURSE
Whilst logged into your account;
Tap on PAYMENTS HISTORY. You’ll find your purchases there
Tap on DOWNLOAD RECEIPT for the purchase
You now have a printable PDF of your receipt for that purchase

This applies for only purchases made directly on the website. If the purchase was not made on the website, then contact us to send you your receipt via email if you’ve not received one already.
Scan QR Code on the certificate with any available QR Code scanning App.
All the details related to the certificate including the identity of the person who took the course will be revealed on the CES platform.