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We provide the following services

  • Online CPD Courses & Online Training
  • Live Online Training
  • Content Capture & Video Production
  • Online Training for Companies/Organizational Staff
  • Hosting of Courses (Long And Short) For Educational Institutions
  • Complimentary Workshops and Practical Sessions


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Online CPD Courses & Online Training

We provide CPD and CME courses, training and programs, which deliver valuable skills that you can apply in your work, life and career.


We also understand that everything has to fit in with your busy work and life schedules. Thus, you’ve chosen the flexibility of online courses for these reasons.

Live Online Training

  • You can use our in-built and highly efficient LIVE VIDEO PLATFORM for your training event, webinar, lectures, etc. 
  • We can also integrate any live virtual meeting platform into our website to create a seamless learning experience for participants.
  • We can LIVE STREAM or webcast your event to popular social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook
  • Our Live Event Management systems are designed from the ground up; so the possibilities are endless for tailoring the website to meet your needs.
  • Let’s talk and find a solution that suits your unique requirements.

Live-Streaming of Events, Virtual Conferences & Video Production

If a picture is worth 1000 words, imagine the power of video!

Modern associations, corporations, and organizations leverage video and dynamic content to connect with their members, new and existing customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. CES can help you take advantage of this opportunity with tailored solutions that fit a wide range of budgets. Our Virtual services include hybrid (where a part of the audience joins from the office and other remote locations), to solely live-streamed virtual Conferences, Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops, Annual General Meetings, Webinars, Exhibitions, Expo’s, etc.

Let's explore the endless possibilities together!

Online Training for Companies/Organizational Staff

We host corporate training produced by, or provided by companies, institutions or organizations for their own staff to access at a time and place convenient to them.

  • This minimises time away from the desk, and maximises productivity. 
  • This also ensures that staff indeed have taken and understood the content, as they’ll be assessed after every training session.
  • Our system allows HR to effectively plan, execute, monitor and evaluate training assigned to staff


We invite you to have a conversation about your staff training needs and your expectations.

Hosting of courses (long and short) for educational institutions

We have the resources, capacity, and expertise to host and run courses efficiently and effectively to suit the particular needs of any educational institution.

This is not a publicly available or accessible resource. But rather, a custom-built platform for each institution or organization.

Let’s talk and find a solution that works for you.


Available 24/7, quick and easy to access courses, can be taken from work or from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world that’s suitable for you.

Closely related and appropriate for your area of practice and tailor made for your unique knowledge needs.

Can be taken via smartphones, tablets, laptops or desk computer.

Courses are up to date and current with the times and happenings.

Interesting and therefore keeps your attention

Complimentary Workshops and Practical Sessions

For courses that have a practical or hands-on component, CES makes adequate provision for participants to have a hands-on/practical learning experience in a well-resourced venue or facility to compliment the theoretical knowledge acquired online.


Participants can attend these workshops only after they’ve successfully completed the online theoretical component of the said course.