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The Role of the Health Professional in the Antimicrobial Resistance Battle

This CPD event is currently available to enroll in. It will be a VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE EVENT. The LIVE broadcast begins at 1800 GMT on Tuesday the 21st of November 2023. Log in 10 minutes earlier; We will be waiting to receive you. PS. Ensure you complete your Pre-Test before the start of the training. The live virtual event will stream on this platform.

AMR poses a significant threat to public health by reducing the effectiveness of antimicrobial medications. This webinar is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to address AMR individually and collaboratively. It emphasizes the interconnected nature of healthcare roles and aims to foster collaboration among diverse professionals.

Pharmacists will gain insights into responsible antimicrobial use, Medical Doctors will explore clinical implications, Nurses will understand their role in patient education, and Biomedical Scientists will contribute valuable perspectives to the multidisciplinary approach needed to combat AMR.

In essence, this webinar aims to empower participants with a holistic understanding of their role in preventing AMR, fostering a sense of responsibility and agency in the fight against this global health threat.



Understanding the Significance:

  • To enlighten health professionals about the critical significance of their individual roles in preventing AMR.
  • To emphasize the collaborative nature of their responsibilities in the collective effort against AMR.


Effective Collaboration:

  • To empower health professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective collaboration within the healthcare team.
  • To foster an understanding of the interconnectedness of various healthcare roles in the fight against AMR.

Professional Empowerment:

  • To equip health professionals with the tools and insights needed to actively contribute to the battle against AMR.
  • To instill a sense of responsibility and agency, encouraging proactive engagement in AMR prevention.

Interactive Session:

  • The program will conclude with a dynamic Question and Answer session, providing participants with the opportunity to engage with the presenters, further enhancing their understanding of the material.

Presentation Topics/Activities:

  • The training will feature insightful presentations, each lasting ten minutes, from various perspectives within the healthcare landscape:
  • A detailed examination of the subject from the perspective of biomedical scientists.



  • 6:00 pm: Opening remarks – Pharm. Yvvonne YirenKyiwaa Esseku PhD
  • 6:10 pm: A comprehensive overview of the National Platform on AMR from the Pharmacist's perspective by Pharm. Saviour Yevutsey
  • 6:20 pm: An in-depth exploration of the subject from the viewpoint of Medical Doctors by Dr. Akua Gyimah Asante
  • 6:30 pm: Insights into the role of Clinical Nurses in the battle against AMR by Yaa Obirikorang PhD
  • 6:40: pm: A detailed examination of the subject from the perspective of Biomedical Scientists – William Addo Mills-Pappoe PhD
  • 6:50 pm: Question and Answer session All (Moderated by Pharm. Brian Asare)
  • 7:30 pm: Closing Remarks by Yvvonne YirenKyiwaa Esseku PhD




This will be a virtual event. happening on  Tuesday the 21st of November 2023 and Chaired by Pharm. Yvonne Yirenkyiwaa Esseku (Rector, Ghana College of Pharmacists). The virtual venue will be the CES Platform




DATE: Tuesday 21st November 2023

TIME: 1800 GMT (6:00 PM Local Time)

CHAIRPERSON: Pharm. Yvonne Yirenkyiwaa Esseku PhD (Rector, Ghana College of Pharmacists).

MODERATOR: Pharm. Brian Asare


Course Description

This meticulously crafted training program aims to tackle the urgent challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and its significant impact on public health. This initiative by the Ghana College of Pharmacists is designed to unite healthcare professionals, placing specific emphasis on the involvement of Pharmacists, Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Biomedical Scientists.

What you will learn

Upon completion of this training, participants are expected to achieve the following:

1. Gain an enlightened perspective on the critical roles health professionals play in preventing AMR, emphasizing the collaborative nature of these responsibilities.

2. Acquire knowledge to empower healthcare professionals for effective collaboration within the team, with a focus on highlighting the interconnectedness of various roles in the fight against AMR.

3. Receive tools and insights to equip health professionals for active contribution to the AMR battle, while also instilling a sense of responsibility that encourages proactive engagement.

Course Content

Lecture Sessions

  • LIVE EVENT: Tuesday 21st November 2023 @ 1800 GMT (6:00 pm) 2 hours


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About Facilitators

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MLS William Addo Mills-Pappoe


Chief Medical Laboratory Scientist and Head of Clinical Laboratory Unit, Institutional Care Division

Ghana Health Service - GHS

MLS William Addo Mills-Pappoe brings a wealth of experience to the field of Medical Laboratory Science, with an impressive 32-year tenure in active service.

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Dr. Akua Afriyie Gyimah-Asante


Medical Superintendent

LEKMA Hospital, Ghana

Dr. Akua Afriyie Gyimah-Asante is a distinguished Hospital Manager and Senior Specialist Paediatrician with a remarkable career spanning over 19 years. Her professional journey reflects not only technical expertise but also a unique approach to problem-solving and a commitment to excellence.

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Dr. Yaa Obirikorang

BSc, MPhil, FGCNM, PhD

Lecturer, Department of Nursing, School of Health and Allied Sciences

Garden City University College, Kumasi

Dr. Mrs. Yaa Obirikorang is a seasoned healthcare professional, registered general nurse, and a distinguished academic with a specialization in Clinical Pharmacology, holding a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Clinical Pharmacology from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

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Mr. Saviour Yevutsey

BPharm, MH, FGCPharm, Fellow (Fleming Fund)

Head of Drug Policy Unit, Coordinator of the Antimicrobial Resistance Policy Implementation Secretariat, and Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services

Ministry of Health - MoH

Mr. Saviour Yevutsey is a distinguished Senior Specialist at the Ministry of Health and a Fellow of the Ghana College of Pharmacists.

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