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Identification of Victims of Trafficking and Prevention of Human Trafficking: The Role of the Healthcare Professional

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Valid From
24 Aug. 2021
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31 Dec. 2021
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Category 3



Course Description

Many victims of human trafficking require some form of health care. It is often difficult for victims of trafficking to discuss their situation in healthcare settings, so it is vital that healthcare professionals approach this.

It is very likely that in your line of work, you have come into contact with a victim or indeed victims of human trafficking without noticing it. It is often well disguised and victims are almost always afraid to speak out or give away what is truly happening before you. Human trafficking is when a victim is forced or coerced into performing actions against his or her will, including labour, human organ harvest, or sexual acts. It is a problem worldwide, and is a form of slavery. Sadly, Ghana is not exempted from this unfortunate problem.

Victims of human trafficking come from diverse backgrounds and all geographic locations. All age groups, male, female, etc., are represented in the pool of victims. There are some risk factors which may make individuals more vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking. These factors may include poverty, youths seeking greener pastures abroad, foreign nationals, individuals with a past history of violence, trauma, discrimination, neglect, or abuse, and other social, personal, and environmental factors.

In this 35 minute presentation, Chief Superintendent Mike Baah takes you through an interesting and informative session that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to enable you easily detect, and competently deal with issues that appear before you that have red-flags of human trafficking; which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

What you will learn

1. International Legal Instrument and National Laws on Human Trafficking
2. Types of Human Trafficking
3. Causes of Human Trafficking
4. Identification of Human Traffickers
5. Indicators of Victim Identification
6. Screening suspected Victims of Trafficking
7. Who to contact for help
8. Confidentiality

Course Content

Lecture Sessions

  • Session 1 12 Minutes
  • Session 2 15 Minutes
  • Session 3 18 Minutes
  • Session 4 11 Minutes
  • Session 5 8 Minutes


  • Identification of Victims of Trafficking and Prevention of Human Trafficking (Slides)

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About Facilitator

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C/Supt/Mr. Mike Baah


Commander/Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, Ghana Police Service

CID Headquarters

Chief Superintendent Mike Baah is a highly accomplished Senior Police Officer in the Ghana Police Service. He has since 2017 been the Commander for the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit.

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